SINCE 1914

More than 100 years of tradition,
excellence and service

The Panamonte Hotel has been the host to travelers, adventurers and nature lovers from all over the world. Its charming deluxe rooms and memorable culinary experience makes it the favorite choice when visiting the highlands of Boquete.

For more than 50 years, the Collins-Elliot family has combined their Swedish traditions, brought from the old world, with the friendliness of Panama, in the extraordinary natural environment of Boquete. They have created a luxurious destination hotel that has become a tradition for many people. Families from the capital city, the United States and Europe have come to Panamonte for three generations, to enjoy the pleasant climate, landscapes, taste its gastronomy, escape from everyday life, or to celebrate weddings, honeymoons, baptisms and family reunions.

Historic Rooms

In 1914, when the hotel was built, the rooms were located on the second floor. In 2013, the old rooms were remodeled, modernized and decorated keeping the charm they had during Mrs. Vera Elliot’s time, who bought the hotel in 1946.

Master Suite

Spacious and comfortable suite, preferred for those looking for intimacy in a pleasant and cozy environment; without doubt, the favorite of newlyweds and couples.

Junior Suite

Three spacious suites, tastefully decorated, with a terrace with a view of the garden and the Boquete mountains.

Garden Terrace

Eight comfortable rooms, recently decorated, with a terrace with a view to the hotel garden, where you will be able to revel in the natural landscape and get the rest you wish for.

Wedding Destination

Memorable culinary experiences

The restaurant of the Hotel Panamonte bears the name of T’ACH, which in the Emberá-Wounaan language means, plantain and also food, a name that Chef Charlie Collins got inspired to title his books T’ACH, Panamanian Native Cuisine and T ‘ACH II, Panamanian Contemporary Cuisine and on which his cooking style, combined with the classic cuisine of Panamonte, its menu is based.

T’ACH Restaurant

T'ACH Café



Charlie Collins

“Panama is a multicultural nation like few others, where large numbers of people from all over the world have decided to settle themselves.

This trade is art, a mixture of passion, technique, creativity and sensitivity.

As a chef, I feel that to rescue our local cuisine is a duty, and to leave a legacy to the future generations is a privilege”.

Hotel Panamonte’s Gastronomic experiences

Chef Charlie Collins, considered a standard bearer of the “New Panamanian Cuisine”, manages to adapt his gastronomic proposals to the preferences of guests. These proposals have been transformed into exquisite culinary experiences to enjoy in our hotel’s restaurant, bar and garden.




T´ACH Experiences

Panamanian haute cuisine dinners

We are proud to present an exclusive gastronomic offer of contemporary panamanian cuisine where you can enjoy dinners or events with a personalized menu, and taste the flavors of panamanian haute cuisine.

T’ACH experiences are born from the book T’ACH II, Panamanian Contemporary Cuisine, by Chef Collins, as a legacy to preserve the multiculturalism of Panama and its gastronomic richness around an exquisite experience.

Panamonte for you

You can book the entire hotel for you, your friends and family.


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