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Maria Yolanda Traslaviña

With more than 26 years of experience in hospitality and human resources, and more than 12 years as general manager, María Yolanda is well versed in the history and traditions of the hotel. She has been general manager of Hotel Panamonte on two occasions.

An active participant in the development of tourism in Panama and Chiriquí, she has teamed up with other hoteliers with the aim of generating strategies and carrying out activities for the promotion of these tourist destinations.

Her leadership and management style, along with her determination and people skills, make her a fundamental part of our team.


Christian Cáceres

With more than 10 years of experience in different kitchens in the country, he arrives at Hotel Panamonte in 2020 with a unique cooking style, where he seeks to enhance Panamanian cuisine and its ingredients, giving it a gourmet and exquisite twist.

Led by executive chef Charlie Collins, chef Cáceres strives to provide a culinary proposal that will make your visit a unique experience, full of flavors, textures and aromas.


Doris Taylor

Thirty-one years ago, being very young, she began her career at the Hotel Panamonte. Passing through various areas of the hotel, her warm disposition and tenacity led her to her current position as head of the Rooms Division, where she coordinates and directs the work of the reservations, reception, housekeeping, gardening, cleaning and maintenance departments.

During this time she has been part of the hotel’s changes and improvements.  She knows the hotel’s every nook and cranny, putting her knowledge and experience at the service of guests and customers.


Elena Serracín

She joined the Hotel Panamonte in 2017 in the Reception area.  Her desire to excel and the experience she acquired awakened her interest in sales and marketing. In her current position she has developed negotiation and customer service skills, both in the hospitality area as well as the Food and Beverage Department.

She guides and supports clients who wish to hold an event, be it social or corporate. Together with Chef Collins she develops proposals and finalizes negotiations. Likewise, her technology skills have made her responsible for the management of our social networks.


Jholkenys Espinoza
and Javier Tovar

From a young age, Jholkenys and Javier joined the Hotel Panamonte family, where they acquired their intense passion for hospitality and customer service. Their charisma and attention to detail in their relationship with guests allowed them to become headwaiters.

With positive attitude and leadership, they assist and guide the restaurant and gastrobar staff to ensure that all our guests experience top-notch service.